Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Save the Peaks!

All information about the campaign to save the sacred San Francisco Peaks can be found at: www.savethepeaks.org

This case is one that can clearly summate what the Peace, Justice and Sustainability Blog is all about. If the great injustice of the US Court system overturns the appeal of the USFS to expand the Arizona Snowbowl Ski area, which also includes using reclaimed wastewater to make artificial snow, peace, justice , and work towards sustainable land management will take a large step forward. Please support the Save the Peaks Coalition and check their website regularly to learn more about this case. A Master's Thesis from Humboldt State University also explores this case making recommendation for Sustainable Land Use Policy for this conflict. It can be found at: http://dscholar.humboldt.edu:8080/dspace/handle/2148/405

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