Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Purpose of this Site

There are numerous organizations, individuals, communities, protests, movements, theories and actions working to enact Holistic Sustainability. This site seeks to provide a resource for those that believe in an equitable, just, healthy and safe existence on our planet. This Blog will serve as a place where knowledge can be both shared and produced, with the greater purpose being to understand why current existence is unsustainable, how it got that way, and what must happen in order for change to take place that implements and honors the ethical standpoint of Holistic Sustainability.

The Definition of Holistic Sustainability: To promote, facilitate and practice fair and equitable means of coexistence for humanity, non-human species and the Earth to be restored and maintained, for the total biotic system to flourish now and in future generations to come. The definition that guides the “Peace, Justice, and Sustainability” site seeks to explore ways to implement social, economic and environmental justice.

Posts on this site may, can and will take many forms in order to promote Holistic Sustainability. New resources will be updated periodically, which will include website links, organizational information, literature discussions, theoretical discussions, current events as well as past critiques of all things that will help one understand Holistic Sustainability. Whether you're an activist, an aspiring activist, or someone that wants to learn or confront the merits of Holistic Sustainability, this site will be such a tool for networking and exchange.

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