Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fight Against The Apache Land Grab and Neocolonization!

Russell Means is watching, and even those not in tune to the continued neocolonial acts of the US Government towards American Indians have taken notice of the conflict surrounding Oak Flat.

Borrowed from an Indian Country piece on the issue, "Late last year, Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake attached a land-swap measure to a must-pass defense bill in which ownership of 2,400 acres of Apache holy land—public lands that were supposed to be immune from such treatment—was transferred to a mining company. Resolution Copper wants what is under that land and is willing to destroy it to get to the prized metals underneath."

As revolting as this is and may seem to some, it's nothing new. Native Americans have been fighting to protect their sacred sites, retain their cultural heritage, and protect traditional resources since first contact. The American Indian Movement (AIM) of the 1970's with the words of leader Russell Means helped lead to a revival of justice during the "Red Power" movement. But with cases like Oak Flat, business as usual continues.

If you stand in solidarity for people and the planet learn more about the history of genocide brought to Indigenous people across the world. Learn more about how even in an age of understanding the atrocities of the past, continued oppression exists through cases like this one centered on Oak Flat. Find out how you can play a part, standing in solidarity with those who have no choice, but to either fight, or succumb to capitalism once again empowered through the political system, viewing people, ecosystems and culture as nothing but a barrier to increased profits. This link highlights the July march on Washington. It is offered here, with this post, as a way to not let the information die, but rather showcase it as something folks that believe in peace, sustainability and justice can rally around to fight and win a battle, in the war for all living things, especially those who continue to be disproportionally dominated.