Friday, November 7, 2014

Same Sex Marriage Ban Upheld in 4 U.S. States | WTF is Wrong with America?

Is it really that hard to understand that members of the LGBT community are continuing to be oppressed for their sexual identity in 2014?

Do people not understand that the only thing holding back justice in this current civil rights movement is conservative views on marriage, and outdated ideology attached to religion? While what's happened is likely heading to the Supreme Court, the sheer fact that it must go that far is disgusting to say the least. Nevertheless, it's what the broken system demands and hopefully justice will prevail.

What happened recently is a federal appeals court in Ohio upheld the right of four completely backwards states (Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Michigan) to ban same-sex marriage. That basically means their right to oppress was upheld. From a legal standpoint, the decision contradicts other rulings that have been issued by similar courts that support marriage equality. As much as the U.S. justice system continues to uphold unjust rulings to folks based on flawed precedent, such as rulings related the protection of sacred sites for Indigenous people, last month, the Supreme Court rejected appeals from five states that also wanted to ban same-sex marriage. Perhaps as a sign of the times, in an incremental view, this hate-filled move by these backwards states helped same-sex marriage become legal in more than 30 states as a response.

That's pretty cool, except for the fact that is still has to be some horrific act that plays out as a response rather than something layered in justice from the beginning. As much as states have the right to dictate their own reality away from certain federal parameters, and as much as the current economic/political/judicial systems are so violently broken (and have been for decades) the hope is that the Supreme Court can make a ruling that is absolute and uniform, so that one state can not oppress communities of people based on sexuality.

Read up more on this issue and act in solidarity for peace, justice and sustainability ALWAYS!

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