Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yesterday was World Ocean Day

I mean, really? Earth Day, Multicultural awareness week, etc. I mean, I guess, because it gets these ideas out in the mainstream conscious, but do I ever look forward to when everyday is just be peaceful, just, and sustainable day. When we respect all our multicultures of humanity, as well as the land, the Ocean and the Earth. In the meantime, bike to work week and car-free days will live, and I will support them as I hope you do to, until we reach that vibration where all of these things that benefit us all become ingrained as day-to-day practices. So for today, do something good for the ocean, for water, and remember to just do something good, and if you can, do something good all the time:)

I must also say, it was impossible for me to mention World Ocean day yesterday after learning the news about the sacred San Francisco Peaks. Please visit their website, write to your member of Congress and Mr. Obama, and don't let this movement be stopped by another injustice promoted by the US Court system! http://www.savethepeaks.org/ You can find links to writing to the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branch of the US government from the Peaks website.

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