Friday, June 5, 2009

What does a speech mean anyway?

Well, after feeling I should commend Obama for some progressive words and his tone in Thursday's speech, I was quickly reminded this morning, that peace is still a long ways off with Mr. Obama.

Since April, today is the 9th bombing attack on the people of Pakistan, supposedly to eradicate the terrorists, and at least 40 have been killed as a result, all near a mosque in the Swat Valley. It's reported that over 2.5 million people have displaced as a result of these attacks.

Does this really control, help dissipate, and/or ultimately do anything to repeal fundamental extremists? Or is it just fuel for the fire?

And let's not forget Afghanistan and Iraq, the other 2 primary occupations the US is engaged in. The top UN Human Rights's official has called for an investigation into why the number of civilian deaths are on the rise in Afghanistan. Good.

We must also remember, as Obama stated in his address on Thursday, he believes his decision to escalate the occupation of Afghanistan is fully justified. He also refused to apologize for the invasion of Iraq, which has killed thousands and thousands of Iraqi's, Americans and American supports since its inception-and for what? There's no "winning" of anything regarding any of these three wars.

So much for peace...what's next? Invaded N. Korea? Iran? I mean they want to develop nuclear weapons, and we wouldn't want that to happen seeing as we have to most in the world and wouldn't want anyone to disrupt our Empire.

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