Thursday, December 31, 2015

At the end of 2015, what will 2016 bring? A New Economy? Peoplecentric Politics? Climate Justice?

There are so many stories from 2015. What's stuck with you the most? From anarchists currents in social movements for people and the planet, to those working to dismantle the oppression wielded by capitalist, neoliberal politics, to the continued aggression towards people of color by police in the US, the list is truly stacked. To highlight just one would be narrow sighted as this blog is meant to offer as open as a place as possible to envision a new world that can be formed because every issue brought to the world has been done by humans, so it can therefore be undone by them as well.

The COP21 was looked by some as a major triumph. With respect to those who lost their lives and were impacted in the Paris attacks, these climate talks were nothing more than the same conversation that's been had for years, only redone for 2015.

Read this. The Indigenous activist piece linked breaks down the failure of Paris and what really needs to be done.

As "we" look to 2016, take a breath and think about how you can play your own role in a revolution to bring about well being to all people and the planet. Think about community, and think about those who have been disproportionately burdened by socially constructed forms of oppressions, and systems that DO NOT HAVE TO EXIST. They do exist though, and we are all forced to deal with them on some level. But that does not mean you have to accept that reality.

Believe in LOVE, believe in YOU, be the change you wish to see, and do whatever you can to stay good with yourself. Then give what you can.

With thanks and solidarity, in the hope for a better world for all!

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