Monday, October 5, 2015

Feel the Bern? Or Feel the System?

Many "progressives" are coming out in waves to offer their support for Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders.

What do you think?

Our take- Bernie is probably the most progressive person to run under a major party platform, ever. That said, as these conversations are ongoing do you believe in the current political system enough to support it, meaning do you vote?

And if you do, do you vote on party lines?

The question is essential because many true progressives argue that Democrats and Republicans are nothing but different sides to the same coin, one perhaps a little less evil than the other. We also know that there are even better parties and people to support, like Jill Stein and the Green Party.

However, does it really matter who the president is? it not the political system that empowers the economic reality of the U.S. that is most at fault for empowering continued oppression, and marginalizing people of color, the poor, the environment, and anything that gets in the way of "growth"?

As the presidential debates kick up, educate yourself, as always, on the totality of issues at play. Our perspective here is that until the flawed, nondemocratic system of governance employed by the U.S. changes and/or is obliterated to to reflect the actual reality that all that matters is the planet and its people, it does not matter who is in charge of the executive branch.

Many choose to not vote so as to not support this inherently flawed system. At the same time, no matter what, this system impacts us all, so others try and vote for third parties, for those who more closely reflect their political hopes and dreams. Still more folks are theorizing something else...

Let me tell you, achieving peace, justice and sustainability through the current political framework in this country with capitalism in charge is laughable. Bernie does not truly critique capitalism, but he at least gives it some shit. But I'll tell you what, if he became president, let's see what he can do. Yes, the House and Senate matters too, but does it?  The point to meditate on is no matter who takes those seats, under this system, true well-being for all can not be achieved. Something else must take it's place...or keep supporting Bernie. He is pretty rad for another white male in a position of power, but in your true faith for hope in this world, will he really bring about the change that's necessary? can he? can this system? Should we start talking about the other person in the media spotlight and all his hate towards people of color, immigrants, women and the Earth...

Open your mind, don't be fooled into thinking the world HAS to be this way...

In Solidarity.

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