Thursday, June 4, 2015

Utah's Strategy for the Homeless: Give Them Homes

This is not the first time we've shared thoughts from the below linked piece, but issues of homelessness or houselessness remain at the forefront of social justice and community health projects across the world. Time and time again the ugly face of elitist environmentalism shows its true colors when issues like these are present. Why is it so difficult for people to see that the houseless population is a part of the population?

Usually, issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability and age are central in such discourse. But the rampant manner that so many choose to demonize those who are on the street continues as unabated as the perpetuation of corporate control of American politics. I ask you, the next time you see someone who's houseless, ask yourself, "Do they want this existence?" Believe it or not, many answer yes as a direct result of their disenfranchisement from status quo society.

The other main question is to, like most issues of social justice, and in regards to those who don't want to be in such a position, how did s/he get here? Why are they here? What might support this person in regaining a sense of autonomy over their own life? Whether it's abuse as a child, drugs and crime as a way to escape a plagued reality, or impacts from serving in the military, bringing a sense of well-being to houseless folks across the world is one of the most difficult, important issues in the fight to achieve peace, justice and sustainability.

Take a look at this report from Utah, look outward, and think more critically, with compassion, love and respect the next time you engage with a member of the houseless community. In Solidarity.
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