Saturday, March 28, 2015

Education for Activism and Beyond

There are so many issues in the world, with so many outlets reporting, yet time and time again people ask how they can become more knowledgeable about the various socio-envieonmnetal issues plaguing our planet.

In a much deserved shout out, check out South End Press and AK Press. From there, you'll uncover more literature than you'll know what to do with. Having a tough time reading all that theory? Buy yourself a Slingshot organizer. They're an inexpensive way to stay knowledgeable, activated and to keep up-to-date with historical events that have paved the way for the present.

Zines are another rad way to maintain in this life of oppression and injustice. Just remember, take care of yourself and your health, and when you're ready, continue educating and communicating struggle in any way you can. These inked sources are a gift, and with people like you, there can be another world for us all!

In solidarity
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