Saturday, September 7, 2013

Will the U.S. Back President Obama's Push for War on Syria?

This is a time when democrats that feel they're "progressive" by simply backing the democratic party need to check in with themselves. What's being proposed by President Obama concerning Syria has nothing to do with "leading" a democratic society.

What does is listening to Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio from Oregon. On Thursday he tweeted-"Tally from constituents calling my office, emailing, and writing about #Syria: 1135 opposed to U.S. action, 18 for." Oregon is not the only state or entity completely opposed to this neocolonial act.

We know Russia has interests in the region from billions in business to their only military base in the Mediterranean. But what are the U.S. interests in the region? Is it to flex muscles? Because of ties to Israel? With so many claiming injustice, with the great understanding that even motioning for war in this manner is against means of sustainability and peace, what are the "real" motives for war?

The clock's ticking...a vote from Congress could come as soon as Monday. What do you think? How does this motion make you feel about the current administration and country? See for full course schedule

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