Saturday, June 15, 2013

Will the Grassley Amendment Make You Partisan (for a minute)?

This blog is very political, but certainly non-partisan. Democrats and Republicans rule the U.S. Some, like us, will argue they are different sides of the same coin. The easiest way to view the matter is Republicans want to maintain power with a WWE factor-weathly, white, elites-while the Democrats argue their progressiveness, but constantly seek to reform an inherently broken system where their "true" pursuits will never take hold.

However, there are times and certain issues that may have supporters of the peace, sustainability and justice movement looking to back certain parties, third parties, these two main parties even, depending on the issue. It's not often, but when it's in our face we sometimes must take a step away from our theoretical goals to support matters on the ground as marginalized people and communities are forced to deal with them. One things for sure, and that's immigration reform is a complete necessity to our fight in the U.S. Dignity and respect are essential. The racist, capitalist system is not. But while this system still stands (brace yourselves anarchist comrades) Latino and other brown folks continue to face disproportionate burdens because of their race, class, ethnicity and culture. The Grassley Amendment works to harm the legal status for "illegals".

Recently, Senate lawmakers rejected a measure that would delay work that may actually be looked at as a path to citizenship. It's no surprise that a Republican lawmaker, Chuck Grassley, is at the head of this delay. The Grassley amendment argues that officials must have concrete control over the whole U.S.-Mexico border, for six months, before any immigrants could apply for legal status. Yes. That was a serious sentence. And yes. This is coming from an elected official, once again proving that racism is not gone in anyway from this country, and that xenophobia towards Latinos continues to be significantly high is many corners of the U.S.

As a party, Republicans want more border enforcement as part of their definition of immigration reform. I guess that makes them feel better even though anyone educated on the subject knows no matter how much enforcement is placed on the boarder people will attempt to cross it so long as economic sanctions like NAFTA are in place. If you want a little more background on Grassley's views on Indigenous people or the rights of women check this out:

Read up on the Grassley Amendment, find out how/where this amendment was attached in Congress and why "ordinary" people like us have to have matters like this "explained". Get educated and fight for the human rights of immigrants and all people: See for full course schedule

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