Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Earth is at a "Tipping Point"

While many who actively follow issues related to health and well-being of the earth have already known this for years, a new study in the journal Nature is making waves. The article points to a cumulative effect of climate change, population growth and the continued destruction and damage done to environmental systems across the globe that are leading to a total planetary collapse of ecosystem health for future generations. The paper specifically says that the earth is at a "tipping point" right now, again, something many of you have known for many years. It's always interesting to note what sparks controversy in mainstream society and what articles, books, TV shows, and other forms of media go viral in today's globalized world. Well, a few years back it was peak oil, and now, on the heels of the Rio+20 that will be held this June, it seems that this article is turning heads. Why? In reality, it's no matter because it's true and has been true for quite some time. Climate change is the issues that has brought environmental issues to the forefront of the globalized world, and even though first world countries love to point at the "third world" for global population growth issues without adequately taking accountability for being the empires that helped create a model for countries like India and China to follow, the earth is clearly facing massive issues of ill health. While in the author's opinion no individual or anything human-based can and will ever truly kill this planet, it's very clear human can in fact have an impact on ecosystem health. As a species we may die-off before the earth can regenerate in peace, but as much as one can while they are still here and alive on this planet any and everything you can do to be in solidarity with social and environmental movements across the country is essential for the well-being of future generations to come. Take a minute and read up on what's being said about this article from the links I'll provide below, follow what goes down at the Rio+20, and stay engaged. One only needs to look into what's happening in Syria right now, across the Middle East, and on the streets of the NATO protests in Chicago to understand the "tipping point" has been here for quite some time, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon unless conscious efforts are made to combat war and systems of oppression while fighting for the healthiest options for our planet.,0,4125302.story See for full course schedule

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