Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Educated About Unjust Deportations!

Dear Activist,

More than 20,000 Presente.org members have called on President Obama to end the dangerous Secure Communities (S-COMM) program, after his Administration’s decision to aggressively expand the use of local police officers as immigration agents.

Already, we’re helping make an impact together. The New York Times just ran an editorial saying that S-Comm, “has been plagued since its inception by miscommunication, deception, opacity and suspicion …a program whose plug desperately needs pulling.”1 The Los Angeles Times editorial board similarly told Obama to “Shelve Secure Communities.” 2

In Boston, the city where S-Comm got it’s start, Mayor Tom Menino now wants the program out, stating, “People will start to say the police are gestapos. My police aren’t gestapos.”3 Many more community organizations led by the National Day Labor Organizing Network are set to protest S-Comm at ICE forums around the country.4 The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is leading a national call-in day to the White House against S-Comm. 5 This is exactly the kind of massive outcry needed to tell the Obama administration that 1 million deportations is enough! ¡Ya basta!


— from Favianna, Felipe, Carlos, Roberto, Laurie and everyone else from the Presente.org team.

Here's more background information:

1. “The Widening Dragnet," New York Times, 08/14/2011

2. “Shelve Secure Communities,” Los Angeles Times, 08/12/2011

3. “Resistance Widens To Obama Initiative on Criminal Immigrants,” New York Times, 08/13/2011

4. NDLON/Turning the Tide event page, http://bit.ly/pM6D3r

5. NNIRR Action Alert, http://bit.ly/oW6AWN

See www.solarliving.org for full course schedule

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