Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts and questions for the weekend...

The Supreme Court has ordered the release of more than 33,000 California inmates. This ruling comes in response to incredibly overcrowded prisons across the state that have only gown more inhumane through the past 20 years of critique. Will this action help unravel the atrocities of the prison-industrial complex, and pave a greater path for ideas revolving around therapeutic treatment of prisoners to treat them and educate them rather than tax people to continue frivolous and racially based incarcerations? Especially those with minor infractions?

A hate filled ruling came down for the state of Arizona recently that once again proclaims economy and corporate business interests are more important than the people who help keep this country running. Read this ridiculously toned piece and imagine what ripples certain (small) businesses will face in light of this ruling.

Then click on this link to regain your sanity,

What will it take for Israel and Palestine to recognize each other's right to be?

What lessons can be drawn and are still forming in regards to the continued uprisings in Syria, Yemen, and the greater Middle East?

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