Thursday, October 29, 2009

Protests at the American Bankers Association (ABA)

A welcome site to an extremely unwelcome happening in Chicago today as thousands of people turned out to protest Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo at the annual ABA meeting..
With an estimated 17.8 trillion dollars expended to bail out the top tier of Wall Street executives and corporations, while the rest of the nation continues to bear the burden of their capitalistic ways, ordinary Americans flocked to the streets of Chicago demanding economic justice.
As unemployment continues to rise with the continuation of foreclosures across the country, many people just can't stand to hear of another bonus or raise given to those who helped put the rest of us in this mess. Like the health care lobbyists who continue to undermine a true public option for health care for all, these wealthy elites know what's at stake; power.
Let's continue voicing opposition to unfettered capitalism that does not provide the benefits this economic theory has promised, but rather serves the elite 1% while the rest are forced to suffer and consume one another in hopes we won't be the next to lose our job, our home, or be forced onto the streets unwillingly.

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